Mantis Healthcare

Passionately committed to improving lives & transforming the future

Intensely pursuing extraordinary business excellence

We aspire to commercialise innovative technologies, which transform health care, improve lives and create prospects for better futures.

Resilient of adversity, Firmed to results, Thirsty for success

We are part of a diverse, vibrant and expanding group of companies

We are distinct for our long heritage of building strong brands and leadership positions, based upon unique products, inventive thinking, talented people, exceptional capabilities, strong partnerships and a culture to win and attain excellence and results.

We pursue partnerships

with visionary companies

and innovative health care brands

Proud to be in the life science business, we deeply believe that serving public good and doing successful business go hand in hand.


Innovative firms in the medical technology space we collaborate

Doing business with excellence is the key to a sustainable future

We bring passion in our endeavour, ethics in our behaviour, success in our DNA.

We define our future in the life business through commercializing technologies in transformative ways, which generate incremental value to our business partners, health system stakeholders  and patients at the foremost.